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About me


In short: I get a thrill out of turning information (especially if it’s dry, random and difficult) into content that people will understand, enjoy and respond to. I’m also oddly good at using great content to build happy communities out of a disparate customer base. I’m also a coffee freak and try as I might… CANNOT give up chocolate cake. There… I said it.

my name is tina konstant

I joined the oil and gas industry in 1997. My career started in consulting and business process mapping, and led to organisation change management where I focused on what it took to get an organisation through the change process with minimum disruption or leaving anyone behind. 

It was during that time that my writing career took shape. It started in 1999 with the publication of my first books on speed-reading written in response to information overload that was threatening to derail my career! Having studied all the speed-reading systems on the market, I found none that met my needs, so developed a system that I taught to students at The University of Aberdeen for two years. After ironing out the creases, I published Teach Yourself Speed-Reading and Successful Speed-Reading in a Week with Hodder Education. Woohoo! Blow the party poppers! A writing career was born!

Since then I continued to hone my craft as a copywriter for the energy sector, which has led to me here, talking to you, as The Pillar Post Copywriter.

Years as a writer

Articles, blogs, infographics, how-to features...

Books published

Cups of delicious bean-to-cup coffee a year (not always with cake)!

“The biggest mistake businesses make is to forget they’re talking to flesh-and-blood human beings who love nothing more than a rip-roaring, gut-tingling, butt-clenching story!”

what i can do for you

I write for businesses who want to connect with their audience using content rich, informative and relevant communication.

How we work together:

Step 1: Get In Touch!

Use the form below to get in touch. Let me know how you like to communicate. We can talk by email, phone or Skype.

Step 2: We Talk!

Tell me what you need. What are your concerns? What kind of relationship do you have with your existing customers? What communication strategies do you currently employ? What do you want to change?

Step 3: The Plan

Based on our conversation, I’ll draw up a proposal that will help you achieve your goals. I might need to come back to you with clarifying questions at this stage.

Step 4: We Get To Work!

Once we’ve agreed on the way forward, we get to work. Simple as that.

Step 5: Measure Progress

It’s critical we measure our progress so we know we’re getting the results we want. To that end, we’ll keep an eye on the lovely numbers (they’re the best way to get the facts) and shift and nudge our strategy to guarantee we meet our targets.

What my work days looks like:

  • Writing for my lovely clients
  • Building content strategy plans
  • Rolling out wild solutions to crazy problems
  • Walking the dogs
  • Loving my work!

I’m a sucker for relevance. I love business communication that matters.

The world needs more of that. You can help.

the pillar post copywriter

  • Pillar posts that establish your brand.
  • Multimedia, engaging blogs that entertain and inform.
  • Autoresponders and email communication that connects with your audience.
  • Newsletters and company magazines that your readers look forward to.
  • Content-rich material that educates and informs, including infographics, whitepapers and articles.
  • A complete, sustainable communication schedule that gets your message across without overwhelming your audience.

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